The Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures at Tangier, Morocco

In the old center of Tangier, at Dar el Makhzen Palace, you will find the Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures. You will find an extensive collection of ethnic and archaeological artifacts. The museum offers a unique experience.

After Tangier's expulsion by the English, the museum opened its doors in 1922.

History of Kasbah

Dar el Makhzen is the Arabic name for the Kasbah Museum. This museum is a treasure chest of archaeological and ethnographic artifacts. This museum, located in an ex-Sultan Palace of the Tangier Kasbah traces Tangier’s history from prehistory to the Islamic Dynasties that helped shape Morocco.

The museum is divided in two rooms. The first room, entitled 'From First Hunters To First Farmers', is filled with prehistoric artifacts. The second room, entitled 'Romanization,' contains objects from Lixus Volubilis. The museum also has artifacts celebrating Islamic history such as a dome ornately decorated with cedar carvings.


As you explore its rooms, you will be mesmerized and amazed by the architecture. You'll discover gems in unexpected places, such as an inscription that indicates the date of construction (1737 AD), or the Treasury Room where you must press several buttons at once to open a large box made from iron.

Guided Tour

Your guide will then take you to the old town, where you can explore the maze of streets and see beautiful homes. You might even meet Moulay Errifi and Ali Esmail, who built mosques in Kasbah during the 17th century. Visit will include Ali Errifi’s residence and his palace where they built a mosque at Kasbah.


On the edge of Tangier's historical centre, the Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures is an art museum. Dar El Makhzen Palace, originally built by Pasha Ali ben Abdallah Er Rifi in 1684-1740. This building was used to house influential guests, diplomats and key figures after the English fled Tangier. Moroccan pottery, instruments and rugs are displayed in the museum.

In the museum, you can find artifacts from Volubilis - an ancient Roman city. The exhibition has been divided into sections. The exhibition is divided into sections. One section is dedicated to the history and culture in Tangier. It includes works by Moroccans such as Chrabia Tallah, Fatima Hasian, and black-and-white photographs and newspaper articles from Tangier at its early and middle 20th century.

Must-See Place

The museum is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn more about the history and culture of Tangier. The museum is located in the old citadel or kasbah district of Tangier and provides incredible views of port, medina and Strait of Gibraltar.


Kasbah Museum is a former palace with a fascinating and unique history. The construction of the Kasbah began soon after Sultan Moulay Ismail had taken Tangier back from English colonizers (and Europeans). The kasbah was the government's center, with the governor's house, the treasury and the courthouse.

Dar el Makhzen Palace is home to a museum which houses a large collection of ethnographic and archaeological objects from North Morocco. The simple, and even rundown exterior conceals a place of greatness. Beautiful courtyards, spacious rooms and stunning fountains are all present.

Visitors will be attracted by the mosaics from Volubilis, an ancient Rome, and Moroccan art and crafts. Fes is the focus of one room, with beautifully bound manuscripts. Moroccan ceramics are displayed in another room.

Contemporary Art

A new institution of contemporary art will open in Tangier Kasbah in 2021. Villa Harris Museum is a charming neo-Moorish villa that has been converted into an art museum. It features Moroccan and international artists from collections dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. A relaxing afternoon exploring Tangier's vibrant arts scene is the best way to relax.


The museum houses a collection of Moroccan crafts, antique decorative arts and other items. This magnificent repository is located in the Dar el Makhzen Palace and offers everything from dishes to pottery!

The museum offers visitors the opportunity to explore different aspects of Moroccan culture and history, from ancient times to Tangier today. The museum's exhibits include a beautiful map of trade from Phoenician times to electronic goods trading today as well as mosaics dating back to Volubilis in Roman Times.

A room in the museum is dedicated to weaving. This important Moroccan craft continues to be practised to this day. The museum contains textiles and rugs that date back to the 10th Century. This skill is also displayed in the paintings of contemporary Moroccan artists Chrabia Telal, Fatima Hassan and Mohammed Kacimi.

Kasbah Museum is worth visiting, even though it's not as impressive other museums in Morocco. The museum offers a unique insight into Morocco's rich culture and history, which is a contrast to the Hollywood depictions of Tangier.

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